November 20, 2012

An amazing Andy Timmons-solo

The last months have been an awesome and exciting period in my life, because I have organized the first Jonas Tamas Guitar Competition in Hungary. The guitar competition has turned out to be a great success, with 191 entries, which makes it by far the most popular guitar competition ever held in Hungary! We've had lots of press, including radio interviews, and the  competition homepage has got tens of thousands of hits. The most popular Hungarian morning show with 1 million daily listeners has announced the competition as well.

The competition has had a world-class judge panel, including Brett Garsed, Mattias IA Eklundh, Troy Stetina and Andrew Farnham.

You can watch Brett Garsed, Mattias IA Eklundh, Troy Stetina and Andrew Farnham talking about the Jonas Tamas Guitar Competition and about their favorite entries:

You can see a photo of the Award Ceremony here, with yours truly standing before the mic at the left hand side. It's been a great fun being the host of the show!

Now, back to business:) I have tabbed out an amazing Andy Timmons-solo from Kip Winger's song 'A Kiss of Life', and I want to share the TAB with you:

The guitar solo starts at 2:42 in the video below:


The full TAB of the solo is here:

The TAB notes are in Hungarian, because I have created this lesson for a Hungarian guitar column. However, the TAB can be perfectly understood without these notes, so I wish you good luck for this amazing solo of Andy Timmons!

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